A Startpage inspired by TB-96's Evening Startpage and Tobias-Schoch's startpage-wave. https://start.yandols.xyz
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A comfy startpage based on TB-96's Evening-Startpage and Tobias-Schoch's Startpage-wave.


  • Runs as a pure HTML+CSS+JS web page.
  • Grid for frequent websites.
  • Lists for more websites outside of frequent websites.
  • Date and time in user's local timezone.
  • Direct intergrated Google search bar.
    • Searches made with this search bar are not logged and are sent directly to Google.
  • Daily randomized backgrounds from unsplash.com
    • Live service version is currently set to Mountain backgrounds.

Live version

Live service always available at https://start.yandols.xyz

See commit history for changelog.