A PHP Remake of the Rocknarok Multiverse Time clock https://rmt.yandols.xyz
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This is a full remake of the now deprecated AHK version of Rocknarok Multiverse Time Clock, now re-written in PHP.

This version is more up-to-date and accurate with the current post-revamp Rocknarok Multiverse canonical timeline.

Live Clock

You can see the live version running here.

The webpage makes your browser send a request to the server API every second to update the clock. If any of the clocks freeze or stop working, refresh the page to get it working again. It's a little inefficient, so hopefully it can be improved in the future.


Each timezone in a universe is regarded as a server. Send a POST request to servertime.php with the server name in the data contents and you will be returned the current time of the requested server.

Current available servers:

  • ru_general - General Timezone for Rocknarok Universe
  • ssu_general - General Timezone for St. Sky Universe
  • ku_general - General Timezone for Kocharion Universe

A General Timezone represents what is considered the central time of the universe (eg: the greenwich of a universe). More specific timezones for prominent locations of each universe will be implemented once the clock refresh code has been made more efficient than it currently is.

Old version

If you want to have a look at the deprecated version of the Rocknarok Multiverse Time Clock, it can still be downloaded here but is outdated and no longer considered canon. The included self-updater no longer works either as it tries to connect to a domain that no longer exists.