Added a suiting music to the intro scene and updated some timings to match it.

YandolsZX 5 years ago
parent bf1f71863c
commit 0576ebffe6
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      Event sheets/ES - Intro Scene.uistate.xml
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      Event sheets/ES - Intro Scene.xml
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      Resistance Saga FYP.caproj
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      Resistance Saga FYP.uistate.xml

@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
It is entirely optional and the project will load without it. If you are placing the project under source control,
you probably do not want to add any .uistate.xml files to the repository.-->

@ -83,6 +83,12 @@
<action id="-15" name="Set visible" sid="908838361382407" type="IS_Plane">
<param id="0" name="Visibility">1</param>
<action id="0" name="Play" sid="717991754406510" type="Audio">
<param id="0" name="Audio file">IS_ThemeMix</param>
<param id="2" name="Loop">0</param>
<param id="3" name="Volume">-5</param>
<param id="1" name="Tag (optional)">&quot;IntroSceneMusic&quot;</param>
<action id="-15" name="Set visible" sid="823504083312468" type="IS_TreeArray">
<param id="0" name="Visibility">1</param>
@ -276,7 +282,7 @@
<param id="0" name="Text">&quot;COMMAND CENTER: &quot; &amp; newline &amp; &quot;Fox One, what happened!? Your readings have become irregular!!&quot;</param>
<action id="-16" name="Wait" sid="472678061071788" type="System">
<param id="0" name="Seconds">4.4</param>
<param id="0" name="Seconds">5</param>
<action id="0" name="Set text" sid="505919106377186" type="IS_TFDialogue">
<param id="0" name="Text">&quot;&quot;</param>
@ -292,7 +298,7 @@
<param id="0" name="Text">&quot;COMMAND CENTER: &quot; &amp; newline &amp; &quot;Fo... ...e, can yo... sti... ...r ... -&quot;</param>
<action id="-16" name="Wait" sid="748496401005258" type="System">
<param id="0" name="Seconds">4.4</param>
<param id="0" name="Seconds">5</param>
<action id="-15" name="Set visible" sid="187682721669574" type="IS_DialogBox">
<param id="0" name="Visibility">0</param>
@ -467,10 +473,13 @@
<condition behavior="Bullet" id="1" name="Compare distance travelled" sid="279384153624508" type="IS_Plane">
<param id="0" name="Comparison">5</param>
<param id="1" name="Distance">1800</param>
<param id="1" name="Distance">2000</param>
<action id="-16" name="Wait" sid="968678434971508" type="System">
<param id="0" name="Seconds">1.0</param>
<action id="-2" name="Go to layout" sid="989137113667450" type="System">
<param id="0" name="Layout">Main Menu</param>

Binary file not shown.

@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
<name>Resistance Saga FYP</name>
<description>Resistance Saga FYP</description>
<author>Yandols Zeon X</author>
@ -659,6 +659,7 @@
<file name="TitleTrance.ogg" />
<file name="IS_ThemeMix.ogg" />
<file-folder name="Icons">

Binary file not shown.

@ -15,8 +15,8 @@ you probably do not want to add any .uistate.xml files to the repository.-->
<layout order="4">Intro Scene</layout>
<layout order="6">Level 1 PRE</layout>
<event-sheet order="1">ES - Preloader</event-sheet>
<event-sheet active="1" order="3">ES - Main Menu</event-sheet>
<event-sheet order="5">ES - Intro Scene</event-sheet>
<event-sheet order="3">ES - Main Menu</event-sheet>
<event-sheet active="1" order="5">ES - Intro Scene</event-sheet>
<event-sheet order="7">ES - Level 1 PRE</event-sheet>